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We love trying new recipes, new cooking techniques, and new ideas. We do NOT love heading into the kitchen prepared to create a gourmet meal only to find that we are seriously lacking the tools and supplies. Prevent this horrible letdown by participating in a fabulous contest created exclusively for CRAVE followers. In honor of the re-issue of Nina Simonds award winning cookbook, Spoonful of Ginger, she has created fabulous Chinese Cooking Starter Kits. Win one of ten kits that include Spoonful of Ginger and all of the tools necessary to prepare her famous healthy and delicious dishes. All you have to do to enter is follow your CRAVE city of choice and Nina at @SpicesofLife then tweet us a message using the hashtag #SpoonfulContest. Win the contest and your kitchen will be fully stocked so that you can head in on a whim and whip up any of Nina’s healthy and delicious recipes. Still unsure about your skills in the kitchen? Check out this  video of Nina demonstrating just how to use every tool in the kit.

Each winner (there will be 10!) will receive the following prize pack:

· A 14-inch rolled steel, heavy-gauge wok with wooden handles

· A dome lid that fits perfectly in the wok, transforming it into a steamer or braising pan

· A Chinese shovel that is designed to conform to the sides of the wok, making tossing food in the pan a breeze

· A traditional Chinese handled strainer with a mesh wire basket which is used to scoop food out of a pan or hot oil or water and is excellent for holding food to drain

· A steamer rack that fits perfectly in the bottom of a wok or any pan to hold a heatproof plate or bowl that contains the food to be steamed.

· A set of handsome wooden chopsticks

· An autographed copy of the newly reissued, best-selling cookbook Spoonful of Ginger, which won both the James Beard and IACP cookbook award for health
To enter follow CRAVE and @SpicesofLife on Twitter, then tweet us a message using #SpoonfulContest to win! Check out to learn more.


4 responses on “Tweet to Win: CRAVE Giveaway!

  1. lily

    tweeted! hope to be one of the winners! i’m chinese and have no idea how to cook, but steam frozen dim sum! i’d love all the help i can get! haha! thanks!

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