Mentorship is Valuable Throughout Your Career

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Mentors Move Mountains- Learning from the successes, failures and life lessons of others is invaluable to any entrepreneur’s career.

It was a sold out night of inspiration and talk of mentorship at our CRAVE Amsterdam chat. CRAVE founder Melody Biringer spoke along with Nicolette Lazarus of L FOR LAZARUS, and Blanca Vergara of Blanca Vergara MBA. Below are some highlights from the evening.

  • Mentors can appear in any area of your life, not just your business, and you will recognize them from the connection that they make with you.
  • Mentorship is in all of us. It’s about connecting, generosity and value what you have to give or want to take. -Isrid van Geuns, IS WORKS
  • There are good mentors everywhere – parents, friends, colleagues, strangers and also your own intuition. We just have to be open to listening to them.
  • “If someone helps you by mentoring you, be sure to pay it forward and help someone else.” -Stephanie Ward, Firefly Coaching
  • “Your greatest mentor is your intuition”. –CALIFORNIA GIRL
  • It’s about how to make decisions (and well, isn’t the whole life about decision making), having conviction means saying yes and having the courage to say no.
  • “Mentorship is valuable throughout your career, not just during the start up”. –Laura de Wilde

Thank you to everyone for attending our chat. If you’re interested in learning about upcoming chats in your area be sure to check out our calendar of events.


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