Our Fall Checklist

With the days getting shorter, the weather getting colder, we all tend to forget the fun things we are able to do in the fall. Here are some delightful ideas to consider… Enjoy!

Get your hair done!

Fall trends calls for rich darker hair color, like owner of Allure Salon, Amani Anderson’s hair. At Allure Salon in Seattle, the Ombre trend is still in full force!  The word ombre comes from the French-termed hair trend that features darker, more natural hues at the roots with gradually dyed lightening at the ends.

It’s football season! Make sure you go see a game or support your local women’s football team!

We love our Portland Fighting Fillies Women’s Football Team! 2013 will mark the Fillies fourth season with an experienced group of veterans and a promising group of rookies.

Eat pumpkin flavored dessert!

At Happy Cakes Bakeshop in Denver, they have caramel pumpkin, pumpkin spice, chocolate pumpkin, pumpkin pie flavored cupcakes and so much more! Take advantage of this delicious season.

Start your Christmas shopping early! Whether in person or online, early holiday shopping is always a good idea!

Flavourites.nl is an online collection of the most unique and finest gifts that you can find for anyone.

Get artsy, with the colorful and beautiful leaves of autumn, get some inspiration and paint!

Check out Yapes Paints- Art by April Lacheaur! She is most well known for her whimsical trees and she also makes art cards! This might be handy for the upcoming holidays…


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