Meet Our Co-Storming Mentors, Muses, and Magic Makers

 I just read the following quote in a blog I subscribe to. I’d like to share it with you because I couldn’t have said it better. 
 It’s the perfect introduction to the incredible lineup of mentors we’ve lined up for our upcoming co-storm in Seattle on December 4th:
“There’s a very real sort of creative power that comes only from getting outside your own head. A muse (mentor, co-stormer) allows you to look at the world without your usual filters and desires, and inspires real problem solving.
Next time you’re stuck, step outside of your own mind. Think about how you’d solve your problems for someone else, or how they would solve it for you.”
Great ideas are only a conversation away.

You won’t want to miss the opportunity with these
Mentors, Muses and Magic Makers:

SHAUNA CAUSEY  Startup Advisor
Magic Powers: 
Innovator, Technology Problem Solver, Community Builder.

SASHA MUIR – Founder of butter LONDON & BEVEE
Magic Powers: 
Brand Vision, High Impact Marketing and Sales Plans, Start-Up to Rapid Growth Execution, Early Stage Investing. Always Brings PASSION with PRAGMATISM.

Magic Powers: 
Creating Pathways to Profitability, Business Sustainability and Scalability, Able To Cut Through Entrepreneurial Headtrash.

GILLIAN MUESSIG – Outlines Venture Group | co-founder Moz
Magic Powers: 
Futurist, Startup Whisperer, Cuts Through Noise to Find Strategic Signals.

Magic Powers:
Sweet-spot Finder, Brand Strategy Map Maker, Master Storyteller.
ANGELA SHEN – Founder of Savor Seattle Food Tours
Magic Powers:
Bootstrapper, Scaler and Spark Maker.


BRIDGET PEREZ – Principal and Creative Director at TRAY
Magic Powers: 
Brand Builder, Demystifier of Digital, Proponent of Conscious Capitalism, Creative Problem Solver.

Magic Powers: 
Creative Growth Hacking, Financial/Business Models, Monetization Strategies, International Growth

CANDICE CALDWELL – Principal Strategist and Consultant at Reveon
Magic Powers: 
Business strategist, Startup Advisor, Leadership advocate, Distilled Ideas & Path-clearing

Magic Powers:
CEO, Business Strategist, Life Coach on Steroids, Practical Magician, Village Builder, Aligner of Passion and Action. 
SARA DEAN – Owner of Sync Fitness Boot Camp
Magic Powers: 
Fitness Entrepreneur, Tribe Builder, Body Image Fixer, Selfish Mom Thought Leader.

PATRICIA RASKIN – Founder of Anne Sylvain
Magic Powers:
Luxury Entrepreneur, Product design, Sourcing and Production, Small Business Planning, Niche Product Marketing, Changing your Business to Change your Life.
Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 1.24.12 PM

– Serial Entrepreneur,
Magic Powers:
Bringing Ideas to Life, Activating Community, Storytelling – Finding the Heart in Your Story, Work Life Balance, Systems and Process for it ALL!
melody_picMELODY BIRINGER – CRAVE Founder
Magic Powers:
Connector, Mash-up Specialist, Community Builder.


Fri. Dec. 4th from 9am-3pm 
Sat. January 23rd from 9am -3pm

Vancouver, BC

Saturday January 30th from 9am -3pm 
Event fee: $97

To Apply:

Fill out this short form with the ideas/projects you would like to put into the storm. Also tell us what skills/talents you can bring to the storm. 

We are looking for a variety of skills and projects to make our mash-up the best it can be. If you are picked, you will hear from us within 48 hours of your application.  
Space is limited!
Melody and the CRAVE team

Cravings I Have Been Exploring

*A blog post by CRAVE founder Melody Biringer

Here are five CRAVINGS on my #100thingsiCRAVE list that I have been exploring lately.

I would LOVE to know what YOU have been spending your time doing, so please share your recently explored CRAVES here. (Unsure of what you CRAVE? Check out our free CRAVE CLARITY program by clicking here).

1. Listening to podcasts while getting my 10,000 daily fitbit steps.

I am now flipping through podcast episodes like I used to watch TV shows.  #icravelearningandinspiration


Here’s what I’m listening to this month:

1. Design Matters with Debbie Millman

This podcast is about design and an inquiry into the broader world of creative culture through wide-ranging conversations with designers, writers, artists, curators, musicians, and other luminaries of contemporary thought.

2. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Amy helps entrepreneurs across industries establish strategies to maximize the power of social media and increase the success of their online marketing efforts.

3. Limetown
Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 3.01.48 PM
Ten years ago, over three hundred men, women and children disappeared from a small town in Tennessee, never to be heard from again. In this seven-part podcast, American Public Radio host Lia Haddock asks the question once more, “What happened to the people of Limetown?”

4. Real Talk Radio with Nicole Antoinette

She sits down with a wide range of people (athletes, writers, entrepreneurs, parents, coaches, spiritual teachers, artists, and more) to dive into the truth of what’s really going on in their lives.

5. The Beautiful Writers Podcast
The Beautiful writers
Danielle LaPorte & Linda Sivertsen in up-close conversations with bestselling authors, creatives, and industry experts on publishing, writing, deal-making and the beautiful complexity of creativity. 


2. CO-STORMING days with incredible people, at least once a month.

I just spent a day with the fabulous Sarah Lyons Gibbons from We brainstormed vision statements and expanding our businesses worldwide:).    #icravedeepconnection


Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 2.56.07 PM

3. Experiencing Art.

I just added this to my iCRAVE list.

Going to any kind of art show, exhibit, dance performance etc., at least once a month is the goal The pic below was at a show call “Jump” in Vancouver. These people jumped for 70 straight minutes, while I ate candy and got exhausted watching their vulnerability:) #icraveedgyart

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 3.11.33 PM

4. Driving up to Vancouver as much as I can.

I get there about once a month to throw CRAVE events, hang with my Vancouver girlfriends and take people on silent walks to ponder their next move. Love the energy there! #icraveroadtrips

Screen Shot 2015-11-18 at 3.11.46 PM

5. Bringing new business ideas to life!

This year has been an inspiration filled year for me. In February I completely reinvented the CRAVE Company, turning my focus towards helping female entrepreneurs and leaders identify their cravings, and nurture a true work/life balance in their lives.  As I was prototyping different ideas the ONE thing that felt like magic was Co-Storming so I went for it and pressed send. #icravebringingnewbizideastolife


co storm(elements)

Don’t forget to share your CRAVINGS with us on our Facebook page by clicking here.


P.S. Please read the whole story, how I got inspired to create Co-Storming: an event, strategy, interactive think tank opportunity like you’ve never experienced. Apply to join us in December or January.

Want to share your CRAVES?

Send us an email at christine (at) thecravecompany (dot) com with the subject line ‘CRAVING BLOG – [your name]’. We want to hear all about what you CRAVE in your life, and how you are satisfying those CRAVINGS on a daily basis.


How do you nurture your new relationships? – Exploring your circle of influence.

the manifestoHave you seen our CRAVE manifesto yet? In the coming months, we are working down that manifesto, and focusing on a different phrase each month. This month, that phrase is:

Surround yourself with friends who bring out your best.

Who you surround yourself with matters, a lot. What you spend most of your time thinking or talking about basically defines who you are – or at least how you think about yourself. And how you think about yourself influences how you approach the world (and by world, what we’re really talking about is your community).

It also has an impact on the quality of the relationships you have in your life. 

We’ve been sharing friendship and connection quotes on our Twitter and Facebook pages over the last month.

Here are a few of our favorites so far:

Anaïs Nin:

“Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive.”

Stacy London:

“You should feel beautiful and you should feel safe. What you surround yourself with should bring you peace of mind and peace of spirit.”

Donna Roberts:

“A friend knows the song in my heart and sings it to me when my memory fails.”

We have a question for you: How often do you meet new people?

Our lives are not stagnant. Our lives are consistently moving forward in, often, surprising ways… if you let it move in that way. Your tomorrow doesn’t have to be the same as your yesterday, and career momentum doesn’t always happen when you’re moving ‘the cogs’ yourself. 

Is it time for you to start approaching your relationships differently – by this we are referring both to the people in your life now, and with those you are just meeting?

Friendship isn’t a one way channel. With every relationship, there are two ‘channels’ you should be aware of’:

First, there’s receiving:

Receiving love – from friends who you really see you, etc.
Receiving opportunity –  from individuals who believe in you.
Receiving help –  from others who want to see you soar.

Then, there’s giving:

How do you demonstrate your love for those who mean the most to you in your life?
How are you providing opportunity to those you believe in?
How are you helping those who need a little boost to get out the funk you can see is holding them back?

At this month’s CRAVEfuels in Portland and Chicago, we’re going to be talking about your circle of influence.

The fuels are happening on November 16th and 17th.

We hope you’ll join us:
(click here or on the photo below to learn more)

November Banner


We’d like to introduce you to co-storming

co storm(elements)
One of my favorite CRAVE’s in life is building deeper personal connections with people.
Earlier this year a friend and I decided to commit a whole day to catching each other up on our current business projects. Our day started out rocky because my friend was in a low mood and felt defeated. Usually conversation over coffee, then a long walk works well for me.

Let’s back up a bit first.

Screen Shot 2015-11-08 at 10.59.42 AMI’m known as a “connecter,” it seems to be my gift and mission to bring people together. But there’s times, fairly often actually, when I feel alone trying to figure out my own business/life strategy.
Your inner circle of friends isn’t necessarily your best brainstorming team, and/or you shouldn’t be constantly pressuring them for advice. Who’s out there to run ideas by, to connect with to make things happen?
On this day, my friend and I made a commitment to give time and attention to how we could help each other move forward. From the start it felt special…experimental.

She was having trouble with her business.
I said:  “We’re going to change that today, let’s go!”

The first hour was spent catching up with each other’s current projects – taking notes as we went.   
She took out a large stack of papers for a program she was writing content for.  She felt she couldn’t launch it until she cracked the code for the perfect content.  I’m not a perfectionist. She had most of it cooked, why wasn’t she already marketing it?
As she explained the program to me, I just blurted out what I would do.  
A lightbulb went off and she launched it the next week.

co-storm7MY TURN!  

She has a web development and graphic design background, and I was just about to launch my new website after being hacked.  She went through my site page by page, and I wrote notes as fast as I could with her suggestions.  

I’m continually amazed how much we’re able to see for each other that we don’t see for ourselves.  

We get so close to what we’re working on we often can’t see the obvious… can’t see the forest for the trees. Fresh eyes help us clarify.  We need each other!  
We went home feeling pumped to move our projects forward.

This daylong brainstorming mash-up had been such a positive experience, I wanted to try it again.  

Was this first encounter just a fluke, lucky chemistry? Was I on to something?

Of course, me being me,  I thought it would be fun to give these meet ups a name, so I mashed up “together and brainstorming ” into Co-Storming…and the tagline “connections that make things happen.

Over the next 10 days I scheduled co-storms with five women who had different businesses and backgrounds.

They were all curious about the concept and motivated to spend the day together.  
I met with a graphic designer who wanted to rebrand, a business consultant who wanted to start a family, an accountant/lawyer who wanted a side hustle in the fashion business, a big thinking entrepreneur with 20 retail locations wanting to add a 0 to that number, and a woman who wants to change the conversation about menopause.

The ideas were flowing, pain points addressed.  At the end of each session we created an accountability timeline for each other, and have been following up ever since.
I put the same project out to each of them, to expand my perspective on a mastermind program I was starting.  By the end of those sessions I had my project nailed.

Hiring business coaches is an unavailable luxury for me, and frankly, getting perspectives from this variety of smart experienced women seems like a better strategy.

Also, we were mutually committed to moving each other forward.

I’ve been talking and sharing about my Co-Storming adventures on social media, and each time many of you have reached out…wanting to play.  Ok, now you can!
(Have I reinvented the wheel here? No! Could you do this on your own? Yes… but will you?)

I would love to have you to join me + some INCREDIBLE MENTORS.
Make life changing CONNECTIONS in our Inaugural Ultimate Co-Storming Mashup!!!  

co-storm5Bring your idea or project, a journal, sticky pads, colored pens and be prepared to have your world rocked and to rock your fellow participants.   
You will get new perspectives and confidence to move forward with your project…or, you might ditch your plans and go in a totally different direction!  
No matter the outcome,  I guarantee you will be walking out the door already taking steps in the right direction. 

DATES — Apply to Join us:


Friday, December 4th
The Makers Space 

Saturday, January 23rd
Pike Place Market



Saturday, January 30th
Vancouver BC



How Our Habits Shape Who We Are – a candid conversation and a personal story

How do our habits shape who we are? This was the topic I sat down (over Skype) to talk to Susan Gibson about. Six years ago she made the first in several shifts that would completely change how she presented herself – and how she felt – in her life.

“I had gone to a reunion, and I saw pictures of myself. I realized that I didn’t recognize myself anymore. How I felt on the inside wasn’t what was being presented to the world. It was quite an awakening in me. I’d been telling myself this story that I had healthy habits, when in reality I didn’t.”

She decided it was time to make some changes. 


She started with fitness.

“There was no reason I couldn’t find time to go to the gym. Every hotel I stayed in had access to a gym facility of some kind. So I made a commitment to myself that I would start a workout routine. I had dabbled with it in the past, so I had an idea of how to get started but it was a really slow start. I could literally do maybe a minute and a half on an elliptical at first, but I just kept at it. I was really determined.”

She didn’t tell anybody. She just gently allowed the habit to form. She also set goals for herself.

“Every couple of weeks I would evaluate the time I was spending, and see what I could do to increase that. And I did. I was able to sustain it as a habit. I did that very intentionally before I introduced any other changes.”

The next change was with nutrition.

“I’d told myself that I was a healthy eater. I didn’t snack. I didn’t have much of a sweet tooth, and I didn’t drink sodas. But in reality, that was just the story I was telling myself. I had a lot of trouble – still do – controlling the amount that I ate. I couldn’t just eat half of anything. I had to really look seriously at my eating habits, and I had to make a radical shift. It also had to be something I could support while being on the road.”

The first change she made was introducing breakfast. Coffee used to be her meal substitute first thing in the morning. But before making this shift, she read everything she could about healthy eating. “I wanted to form my own opinion about what I should do.”

Next she decided that for lunch and dinner she would eat only salad. It didn’t matter what she put on the salad, but it had to be salad.

“I stuck with that for four years total. It took that long for me to get it set in my mind that I could manage the food I was taking in. The time also helped me to understand the impact what I ate had on my body.”

Susan GibsonSusan lost 50 pounds during that time.

I had to get into a mental space of deciding that I wasn’t actually leaving anything behind. I was starting something new. I decided I had to look at it that way. This was an important part of the thought process.”

And then came the subtractions.

When Susan first decided to make all of these changes, she explains that she always had in the back of her mind that the changes would all have to fit into her current lifestyle. She wasn’t subtracting anything… until she did.

One healthy habit does seem to be a gateway for more. 

Coffee was the first thing to go. 

“I had been a daily consumer since I was in my late teens. It was an obsession for me – I was a black coffee drinker pretty much from the get go.

First, she decided to make a restriction. She told herself that she was only allowed to drink coffee until noon every day.

“That served me for awhile, and then I realized that I was drinking as much coffee as I could possibly consume from the time I woke up in the morning, to about noon.”

Her next shift was to cut back to just one cup a day. “That only lasted for a short period of time. My mindset was: why even bother? I’m giving it up totally!” She tells me she hasn’t missed it.

Alcohol followed behind. 

“It was a very big part of my life and my lifestyle. I grew up in an environment where we had access to alcohol at a young age. I’ve been pretty much a daily drinker of alcohol for my entire adult life.”

After eliminating coffee, she found that – after having a drink in the evening – she was waking up groggy. “I didn’t like that being unclear of mind.” So she gave that up too.

“I don’t miss it from the social point of view at all, and I’m absolutely loving the natural lifestyle that I have now without the cycle of stimulants and depressants every day.”

The further she got into her transformation, the less she was messing around. 

There was one more change (addition) that Susan made: Gratitude

“My day starts and ends with gratitude… My mind, my body, my interactions, my introspection are all very precious, and I need to be grateful everyday for my mental and physical capacity to do the things that I do.”

Through this whole six year experimentation/ transformation, Susan says:

I’ve discovered whole new habits about myself that I think were always there, but that I’d masked or buried in this artificial cycle that I’d allowed myself to be in.

I love to get up early. I love to write and journal and do all these things that I didn’t find the space for before.  I was sort of caught up in this physical cycle that was impacting my mental cycle.

I love that I’ve learned these new things about myself by taking away these habits. It excites me and energizes me, and raises this whole other world of curiosity about who I am. I’m curious about what the world has to bring.”

What do you CRAVE most about your life right now? I asked her at the end of our conversation.

“Oh my goodness. I just feel like there is endless possibilities, and I am open now to receiving the gifts of the universe. And I absolutely believe in serendipity. I’m in this huge receiving mode. I CRAVE that.”

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Susan Photo

Founder, Susan Gibson, LLC, and The Susan Gibson Mary Tupper Foundation.

Susan crave’s transformation! Whether she’s transforming herself or others, personal or professional, community or commercial,  she WILL change the world! 

Visit her at her website: