A Co-Stormers Experience – Meet Jill Dahl


Tell us a bit about you! Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Jill Dahl and I am the founder of Secondhand Therapy and Jill Dahl Consulting. Through Secondhand Therapy, my main business, I work with professional women who have been busy “leaning in” and suddenly they get stuck. Life has thrown them a curveball that causes them to lose their momentum and question the path they are on. I step in and help them make the brave decision that will move them forward.

Prior to being an entrepreneur, I spent a decade in the financial industry and five years as a high school teacher.

Why did you sign up for a CO-STORM?

I had connected with Melody on social media and in Seattle for an event she was hosting. I saw the promo for Co-Storm and I thought, “THIS is what I need!”

I am in my second year of business and after a busy fall and January, my business suddenly slowed down. I needed some help figuring out where I might need to pivot.

I loved the idea of being able to brainstorm with talented women and having the opportunity to pick the brains of the mentors/experts. I don’t need someone to hold my hand during the process of change, I just wanted someone who could challenge my assumptions. This seemed like the perfect opportunity.


What are the people in the CO-STORM like (including instructor + fellow stormers)?

I LOVED the women that I connected with during the Co-Storm. I made new friends and I still keep in touch with several fellow stormers through social media.

It was one of those times where you walk into a room and say to yourself, “These are my people!”

What were some of your breakthroughs?

In the morning session, my mentor Felicia (who I knew that I loved the moment that she introduced herself as a “recovering engineer”) suggested that I should pivot by rebranding Jill Dahl Consulting as a way for my target type-a business woman to upgrade her professional soft skills. This made so much sense! Through Secondhand Therapy, I speak to a small portion of this demographic—the ones that realize they need help. By rebranding Jill Dahl Consulting, I could teach similar skills but offer them as a learning opportunity—instead of a fix to a problem. This allows me to reach a larger demographic of my target audience. BRILLIANT!

My afternoon session with Melody was equally inspiring. We brainstormed ideas for tapping into this expanded audience. I now have a list of opportunities that I would have never thought of on my own.


What are your takeaways from CO-STORMING?

I started working on my rebrand right away. I kept it simple, knowing that I can go back and improve as I gain more momentum. I am happy to report that I have signed several new clients in the weeks following the Co-Storm.

What was your favorite part of the CO-STORM experience?

I loved being able to talk and think at a rapid-fire pace. I knew what I wanted to get out of the day, and I didn’t have to slow down. When you are surrounded by talented, brilliant women who are thoughtfully matched by Melody—magic happens. It’s so rare that you get to be vulnerable with a group of strangers and walk away feeling empowered and validated.

What would you say if you were recommending a CO-STORM to a friend?

I have already convinced several of my friends to join me at the next one. They heard about my experience and were upset that they missed out. I think it’s important to understand that you truly don’t have to have a solution in mind to your challenge. Just lay it on the table, and you will be blown away by the intuition and insight of the women at your table.

What motivates you on a daily basis?

I want to feel: magnanimous (generous of spirit, coming from a position of strength), inspired, dynamic, courageous, and discerning. Yes, those are core desired feelings that I identified almost 2 years ago thanks to Danielle LaPorte’s book.

I also took a StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment last year and realized how much my natural wiring motivates me on a daily basis. I thrive on opportunities to strategize, learn, achieve, relate to others, and maximize the strengths of those around me.

I know it’s a long list but I honestly love getting sh*t done and this requires being very aware of what motivates me.

What do you CRAVE?

I crave a happy life, where the people around me feel loved.


My inner battle with myself

melody_circleI just got back from an epic trip to NYC. The last day I had lunch with a friend and she told me that I had an inner battle with myself that she has seen in me for awhile now. She didn’t elaborate what she thought It might be about. What am I fighting with myself about?

Why haven’t I figured this out in therapy? I teach people how to create their non-negotiables. I have nailed down my 100 things i CRAVE. I live with intention daily. I KNOW my non-negotiables. So why are her words so powerful to me? She is a person I respect immensely so I listen when she talks. When someone tells you something and you have an immediate reaction I believe you need to dig deep and go there.

Since starting my Co-Storming events, I have noticed the tough love mentors are giving our attendees is hitting nerves. Sometimes just saying you need more confidence hits nerves big time. My advice is to listen to yourself and if someone sees something for you and you have a reaction, then pay attention.

Not knowing what the nerve is, is very uncomfortable. I journaled it out on the plane ride home, and what it comes down to is the same thing every time. Get used to the unknown and ok being uncomfortable, because it’s just going to keep happening…it’s just no fun!

Trust keeps coming up for me this year. I went to a retreat a month ago, and we put together a wisdom board. Trust popped up out of pages of journaling. Trust myself and trust in others.

About trusting myself: when I’m wishy washy it comes through loud and clear, and I can’t hide it.

Another muse asked me what I would regret on my deathbed. I said without hesitation I would regret not hitting it out of the ballpark once in my life. Where did that come from? I have had many failures but have hit some home runs too. I want to hit it out of the ball park! Is that what I am fighting with myself about?

I don’t feel like I can hit it out of the ballpark alone. I would have to trust in others and trust myself to trust in others.

Can I do it?

Do you struggle with inner battles? I would love to hear about them.






P.S. Want to STORM with me. I am now available 1:1. Details here.


Ready to make things happen? I’m going to get you clear, focussed, and in motion on the next steps you need to be taking.

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Screen-Shot-2015-11-30-at-9.27.25-AMSince starting the co-storming™ program last year, I feel like we’ve set something big in motion.  From groups of 2 to 50 we’ve been brainstorming  for each other with amazing results. Check out the concept and strategy behind CO-STORMING.

I am extending this invitation to STORM1:1 with me.
Connect with me at melody@thecravecompany.com and let’s talk!
I’ll get back to you right away to share details and answer any questions. I guarantee you’ll be thankful you hitched a ride on the energy we’ve got going!


LOVE Melody



Stopping a good habit you worked hard to get

Over a year ago I heard a podcast interview with the founder of the 5 minute journal. He convinced me to record three things a day I was grateful for.  I downloaded the app because I am not a paper person.  Every morning I went straight for the app to contemplated what I was grateful for.   He said you can’t be depressed when you are grateful, which made a lot of sense to me.  Eventually you spend a lot of time staring out the window trying to come up with something new.

After about 9 months of recording on the app,  I decided to change it up and got the paper journal.  I thought reaching for my phone first thing wasn’t doing me any favors.  So then I reached over for my journal, tried to find the pen in my drawer, then stared at the paper journal and out the window.  I did that for another 3 months, and one day just stopped.


It’s been about 4 weeks.  I’m back to my old habit of waking up and reaching for the phone.  But no gratitude.  Do I feel any different?

The weird thing is, I am not feeling guilty.  I actually feel grateful that I don’t have to do that as part of my daily routine.  Coming up with three things a day for a year,  maybe they’re ingrained in my sub-conscience?

I’m not even depressed that I went back to starting my day checking email and Facebook.  I satisfy my craving of knowing what happened while I was sleeping.  It’s an immediate drug I need upon waking.  I felt anxious the other way around.  

For now my curious nature is getting the better of my gratefulness.

Anyone else with me?  





Meet our NYC Co-storm Mentors – these women should be on your radar!

co storm(elements)

Our inaugural NYC co-storm is taking place on Sunday, February 28th at District CoWork!
 We have an exciting line-up of mentors joining us, and I’d like to introduce you to them. Even if you decide not to join us, these are some women that should be on your radar. 
Before I continue with the introductions, I’d like to share the following quote from a blog I subscribe to. I’d like to share it with you because I couldn’t have said it better. 
“There’s a very real sort of creative power that comes only from getting outside your own head. A muse (mentor, co-stormer) allows you to look at the world without your usual filters and desires, and inspires real problem solving.

Next time you’re stuck, step outside of your own mind. Think about how you’d solve your problems for someone else, or how they would solve it for you.”

Great ideas are only a conversation away. 
*Don’t know what a co-storm is? Learn more by clicking here
And now for the introductions. Drum roll please… here are our
NYC Storm Muses and Mentors:
HELEN TODD – CEO of Sociality Squared
A full service social media agency based in New York City, helps brands organically grow loyal and engaged communities since 2010. Among Helen’s accomplishments, she has a Master’s Degree in Integrated Marketing Communications from Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts, has won a WOMMY award from the Word of Mouth Marketing Association, and also has work featured in the Facebook Studio Gallery which recognizes the most creative, innovative, and effective marketing that makes use of the Facebook platform. Helen has been featured on Forbes.com, All Facebook.com, and on Wired.com’s “The Hopkinson Report” in addition to being a Jay Chiat Awards judge and has spoken to MBA classes at schools like Xavier Williams College and NYU Stern Business School.
TARA GENTILE – Founder of CoCommercial
Tara Gentile is the creator of Quiet Power Strategy™ and the founder of CoCommercial, a company specializing in hands-on business training for idea-driven entrepreneurs. She’s passionate about helping people with smart ideas make more money, reach new audiences, and live life with ease. Tara is the author of The Art of Earning, Quiet Power Strategy, and The Observation Engine. Tara’s work has been featured in Fast Company, Forbes, Design*Sponge, and in the New York Times bestselling book The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau. She’s a regular instructor on CreativeLive and speaks on entrepreneurship, money, and marketing all over the world.
DARCEY HOWARD – Founder of Personal Branding Through Appearance Program
Darcey Howard is part advocate, part strategist and has developed brand strategies for companies such as Nordstrom, Starbucks, Eddie Bauer, United Way and Mercy Healthcare. She’s the founder of the “Personal Branding Through Appearance” program which lead to developing strategic partnerships with brands such as Ford and Chioptle that aligned with client brand initiatives in sustainability and has appeared on TV, radio and many national publications such as Forbes, New York Times, TIME, LifeTime Network, and the Katie Couric Show.
HELENA STONE – Founder of Chip Chick
Noticing that there was a void of female influence in the technology blogosphere, Helena started Chip Chick in 2004. A native New Yorker, Helena holds a Masters in Digital Imaging and Design from NYU and she has a background in the interactive and social media fields. She has been featured on MSNBC, Woman’s Day magazine, and other major news outlets. And when she is not busy testing out new gear, she can be found trotting the globe, looking for the next hot gadget.
Described by Ivanka Trump as a “celebrated career coach” and “fearless entrepreneur,” Elizabeth a worldwide executive coaching and consulting firm, the Founder of The Gaia Project for Women’s Leadership, and the Executive Director of 40 Percent and Rising, an organization dedicated to uplifting primary breadwinner women worldwide. Elizabeth founded her renowned executive coaching and consulting firm in 2010, and now serves executives and their teams on issues of success, leadership, career management, and redefining work/life balance. 
JACQUELINE BOONE – Creator of 6 Months to Live
Jacqueline is an International Digital Marketing Consultant and the Creator of 6 Months to Live, an online publication and web series that inspires people to create meaningful lives they love. She specializes in working with mission-driven companies and entrepreneurs that want to make a profound impact on a global scale and shows them digital marketing and business strategies to expand quickly. Her extensive international experience in strategy, marketing, and communications includes working for multinationals & publications such as Volt, Cisco, Aramark, Bel Power, Instyle magazine, and several others.
Michelle Ward, PCC, has been offering dream career guidance for creative women as The When I Grow Up Coach since 2008. You may have seen or heard her in New York Magazine, The Huffington Post, Etsy, Newsweek, Freelancers Union, the Forbes Top 100 Websites for your Career List or 100+ other media outlets. She’s the co-author of The Declaration of You, which was published by North Light Books, and the teacher of Create Your Dream Career and Ditch Your Day Job, which were watched by tens of thousands of people live on CreativeLive.
The author of CRAVING Success: a startup junkies path from passion to profits, Melody has trotted down virtually every entrepreneurial trail in existence. With 23 business ventures under her belt, you might even call her a lifelong “start-up junkie.”
When is the storm?
Sunday, February 28th 10am – 4pm
Cost: $97
Register and fill out the short application form with the ideas/projects you would like to put into the storm. Also what skills/talents you can bring to the storm. We are looking for a variety of skills and projects to make our mash-up the best it can be. Space is limited.