Urban Campfire is Coming to Seattle August 16th

In just a few months, our 3rd annual Urban Campfire event will be taking place in Seattle.

August 16th is the big day and, in the behind-the-scenes world of the CRAVE Company, we’ve been working hard to create an event that’s one part inspirational, and two parts transformational. We don’t just want you to feel inspired when you leave. We want you to feel driven. We want you to feel elated by your own personal vision. We want you to leave with the tools you need to really set your life on fire.

Know Yourself. Be Yourself. Grow Yourself.

That’s our theme for this year.

Want to make a big impact in the world? You need to make sure your fire is burning brightly first. It’s time to dig deep into your story, and find your fuel. Your impact has been waiting to ignite.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 10.43.55 PMThis year’s speakers will be sharing stories about their own personal breakthrough moments – those moments when everything seemed as though it was falling apart, and then an ember started to glow in the darkness.

We bet you know what we’re talking about.

Between the speakers, you’ll be split into breakout sessions with four distinct themes: Self-Care, Business, Adventure, and Connection. You can expect some synchronicity and breakthroughs of your own.

Urban Campfire – Our Fire

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 10.36.50 PM

Melody’s own breakdown/breakthrough moment led to the creation of Urban Campfire. “What do you crave?” asked some of her friends. “Marshmallows and Flashdance” she said. 

For the first event, Melody rented an airplane hanger and 500 women showed up. The speakers were encouraged to share their stories, own who they were, and experiment with a new level of vulnerability. Their readiness to engage with their truth blew everyone away.

The incredible bravery, both from the speakers and attendees, has continued every year.

Although we may refer to each other as heroes, or role models… no one really has it all together. Maybe we’re all craving someone to just say that so that we can feel more okay with ourselves, our own crazy internal worlds, our own vulnerability,  our own failures, and our own rip-roaring successes. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 10.35.40 PMP.S. Melody’s craves may be making an appearance. 

Learn more about this year’s event.




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We hope we’ll see you there!


Nicole Tomazella – a Career Coach from Brazil – Shares her CRAVES

I’m a 30 years old girl, who loves to help people to perform better and better at work. Since I was a young child, I remember creating funny plays for my friends to help them feel good. My parents taught me that my mission in this life is help the most people I can, and I really believe that.

So, I decided to study psychology, and work as a Human Resources specialist. For 8 years I helped people and companies to perform better in their field. But something happened, and I felt I could deliver more than I was doing. I worked so many hours a day, and had no time to think what I really wanted or needed. I had no time to stay with my family, friends, and do the things I love (I didn’t even know what I loved to do). I got really sick (depression and panic), and started taking medication.

I know that this person was not me. I needed to do something differently. I couldn’t help others if I was not helping myself.

So I left that life and moved to Toronto, where I lived for one year. During that year, I allowed myself to enjoy the moment, think about what I really loved to do, and organized my life to do that.

Since then, I’ve returned to Brazil (about a year and a half ago) and I’m now developing my own business as a Career Coach, helping people to understand what they really love to deliver at work. I’m helping them to understand their purpose, while also amplifying my own self knowledge. The more I develop, the more my coachees perform better.

Nowadays I enjoy my life and I am closer to living my dream.

Here are my “Top 5 marshmallows”:

1. Going to the beach and being in nature

image (2)

2. Watching the sunset


3. Doing my ballet class


4. Celebrating my birthdays!

image (1)

5. Having free and joyful time with my family

image (1)

Follow this CRAVER

image (2)Follow Nicole Tomazella on Instagram @nicoletomazellacoach

You can also visit her at her website: www.nicoletomazella.com

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Send us an email at christine (at) thecravecompany (dot) com with the subject line ‘CRAVING BLOG – [your name]’. We want to hear all about what you CRAVE in your life, and how you are satisfying those CRAVINGS on a daily basis.


What would happen if you didn’t compromise?

I’ve been working on my “non-negotiables” list for the last year. It’s been an interesting thing to ponder! Can we become so used to living in compromise we’re not even aware of it anymore? Has the norm become “Why would I do this to myself…?

Let’s dig deeper here with a bunch of questions.


IMG_4091You’re looking for a new job because you’re not in love with your current situation. Think about it.

Why are you even looking for a new opportunity?
Are you clear what you want and what you will NOT compromise?
Do you have kids and want flex time?
Could you approach this like an entrepreneur and know your value to the company? If the job gets done at the end of the day, who cares where it’s done, or what time it happens?

What about relationships?
Let’s start with self love and value ourselves so much that our relationships have a give and take that’s super balanced, and the love flows both ways equally.

Speaking of self love… what about your self care?
Are you compromising your health because of a stressful lifestyle? Are self-inflicting deadlines putting off that much needed retreat time you promised yourself last year?…that salsa class you blew off because a deadline was more important?

Seriously sister dudes. What if (just play with me here) you knew your non-negotiables and what you would NOT compromise…in every area of your life? What would happen if you made all your decisions based on them?

Would you lose some relationships? Would you not get that next opportunity? What would happen if you lost a friendship? Or lost your job? Or had your business fails?

What would happen if you had more time and space to create the life you really wanted… the life you crave:)

This is not a simple exercise. You will need to go deep within yourself and look at the ways you might be making compromises that are sabotaging your craves. 

How is a non-negotiable different from a crave? 

CRAVES are those things that represent the essence of you. They are the habits, experiences, people, and pursued dreams that fill you up with joy, fulfillment and satisfaction. 

Non-negotiables are the self-made promises that need to be put in place in order for the satisfaction of your CRAVES to be possible. 

Some of my non-negotiables are…

Waking up with my internal alarm clock,
Having a team that I can delegate to,
Keeping it – whatever I’m currently working on – simple,
Frequently going on walking and coffee dates with loved ones,
Being involved in a new business idea that’s being brought to life.

I know the consequences when I compromise any of these, and it’s so not worth it.

What are your non-negotiables?




An Bourmanne – Dream Chaser – Shares Her CRAVES

Happy to report that I have been adding plenty of my cravings into my life over the past years!  Yet, there’s a few persistent one’s that prove to be an ongoing challenge: getting my body moving (I abandoned my Fitbit over the past weeks!) + building my muscle strength (which is at an embarrassing zero right now!) + getting enough sleep. Aaah, it’s all a work in progress, right?

Here are some of my top CRAVINGS:

1. Playing with colors and paint


Ah, this was a craving I didn’t know I had (aside from being pulled to it like a magnet over the past year) until my fingers hit the paint and the canvas. Then there was no getting around it anymore :)

2. Musing about life + putting my thoughts into words


Having a new insight, a fresh perspective + then finding the right words to say exactly what I wanna say – just bliss! And here’s the words I wrote to go with the quote:

“Sometimes we are our harshest critics, always finding something about ourselves to disapprove of. We accept that criticism unconditionally, and we tell it to ourselves so frequently that we believe it without even questioning it.

But being very vocal about our perceived unawesomeness, doesn’t mean we are. Yes, sure, some things could be done or said better. But that’s called learning – it’s not a measuring stick for our awesomeness.

It’s not because a baby needs to learn everything that we would consider her unawesome, right?

Actually, we would love to see how she grows, discovers new things, is being curious, fails a million times, over and over again, before getting it right, before taking those first wobbly steps, before uttering that first word. The truth is – you are that baby, a few years older, but still that same bunch of awesomeness. That’s a given. Inseparably tied to who you are. No matter what you tell yourself.”

3. Teaching

Start Card Video 3_I don't know


I love bringing things down to the basics + explaining complex things in a simple way. I love sharing what I learned.

About a month ago, I started making little videos to play with my love for teaching. Here’s last week’s one (about why we know what we want, even though we say we don’t know what we want) – the video is basking in imperfection (that lighting! the way I’m sitting there! the weird movement at the beginning of the video!), but hey “progress over perfection”, right? 

4) Books, books, books



I’m reading Barbara Sher’s ‘Refuse to Choose‘ right now (really good!) + just ordered a bunch of books on Amazon. But the pic above is one of my favorite books that I’ve read over the past years (I read it twice, and keep recommending it to everyone. I loved it every inch as much the second time as I did the first time!)

5. Movies

8de2aee344d21890a1c2d971444d0e055372c594ed6245ef807403ac35c1e891The disappearance 

I love watching stories unfold.  I love seeing scenes strung together in their peculiar way to help to tell the story. I love pondering why exactly those choices were made. Here’s some of my favs I’ve seen these past weeks: – The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby – Him and Her (Aren’t Jessica Chastain + James McAvoy just amazing?) – Locke (All shot in a car + still so captivating. And Tom Hardy is just mind-blowing.) – Birdman (I just love those long-shot-scenes.)

About the CRAVER

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 6.08.05 PMAn Bourmanne lives in Brussels – born and raised in Belgium. As an engineer, she worked 15+ years in corporate, and was seriously fascinated by why we do what we do (or don’t do what we say we wanna do). But she despised anything psychology or self development for the longest time. “I thought it was not helpful (it is – mostly), stupid (it’s not – mostly) and just a lot of touchy-feely empty talk based on fantasies + fairytales (mostly wrong again – there’s some work + research out there that’s mind-blowingly sound).”

Today, An is a certified NLP practitioner, a Martha Beck trained life coach, and a certified life coach at Brooke Castillo‘s top-notch life coach school (the most intense life-changing training she says she’s ever done ever done).

Follow An on Instagram and Twitter @AnBourmanne

You can also visit her at her website: www.unapologeticandhappy.com

Want to share your CRAVES?

Send us an email at christine (at) thecravecompany (dot) com with the subject line ‘CRAVING BLOG – [your name]’. We want to hear all about what you CRAVE in your life, and how you are satisfying those CRAVINGS on a daily basis.


Our CRAVEventure in Seattle – Memories and Takeaways

Last weekend we took some CRAVERS around Pike Place Market as part of our June CRAVEfuel event.  Paola Thomas was our hosting photographer, and showed us how to take Instagram photos that would stand out in a memorable way. 

The task: Explore Pike Place Market and take photos of your CRAVINGS.

It didn’t have to be ‘things’. Anything that symbolized something important to you could be photographed as a trigger- a CRAVING trigger for those days when you might be feeling a little uninspired or lethargic. We thought that having a photo gallery of CRAVINGS might help you to remember what you love. It might even propel you forward with an idea, or a way to get out of any slumps you might fall into.

Satisfying a craving is a great way to give your day a boost. 

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 9.17.36 PM

We have another CRAVEventure happening in Chicago on June 28th. Learn more here

Not able to join us? Why not take your own CRAVEventure!!

Find a place in your city to explore, and do some picture brainstorming and dreaming. What captures your interest? What makes you look twice? Take a picture of that.

And if you feel inspired, share your photos with us, and tell us the story behind your CRAVEventure. We’ll share your findings in a blog post. Email us at [christine (at) thecravecompany (dot) com] with your submission. 

Or else, share them on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #CRAVEventure. 

And in the meantime, here’s a few photos that CRAVE Founder Melody Biringer took from the evening. You can follow her on Instagram @CRAVEPARTY.

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 9.18.05 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 9.17.50 PM

Screen Shot 2015-06-10 at 9.17.22 PM


The CRAVE Team