Chantal, what do you CRAVE today?

Hello there,

I want to introduce you to someone you should know about. When I met Chantal Pierrat last year, our first connection was a phone call to explore how we could support each other. We both LOVE moving women forward, and put on events to inspire that action.

We immediately bonded, and I was off to Boulder for her first big venture, Emerging Women Live. I was so impressed with her style and loved the lineup she put together—Brene Brown, Alanis Morissette, Elizabeth Gilbert, Eve Ensler and so many more for a 3-day love-fest. Plus the killer dance party topped it all off for me :)

She didn’t stop there… this year she is bringing it to one of her favorite cities (mine, too) NYC. So excited to join her in the big apple to go for round 2.

We asked her to list her TOP 10 CRAVES. I’m sharing these with you to get to know Chantal better… do you have anything in common?


10 Things Chantal CRAVES

1. Intimacy


What’s interesting to me is when we go beyond connection to deep intimacy. With partners, with friends, in circles… That’s where the magic happens.


2. Family time


I deeply cherish time with my husband and our two rambunctious boys.


3. Dance


Couldn’t live without it. I recommend it for any women going through an emergence. Here’s why.


4. Transformation


Transformation is such an opportunity for exploration. A time of pure possibility.


5. Community


So crucial to the emerging process to have a tribe of like-minded women who can support you and encourage you to keep putting it out there.


6. Crossfit


I’m totally obsessed. Don’t get me started.


7. Beach



The saltwater, the pull of the tides, the sound of the waves, the sun… and no digital devices in sight. Total rejuvenation.


8. Big vision


Stepping out of the comfort zone and into your power and possibility.


9. Sensuality


‘Nuff said.


10. Green Drinks



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Drop everything and meet us in NYC Oct. 9–12th. You will be very happy you did :)



Everyone Looks OK…

I have always known that everyone has a story. Knowing your good friends’ stories is one thing. Now that I have had a sampling of women’s stories from seven Urban Campfire events in different cities, I look at everyone differently.

When I walk down the street or walk into a room of people, I say to myself… everyone looks OK, they are all dressed up and have cute hair and shoes. If you could sit down with any random one of them, and gave them permission to tell about something going on in their life, it would blow you away. I found out all it takes is to be vulnerable yourself, and the thin layer holding up their identity is stripped away and the floodgates open.


The main things I’m hearing are: I want a divorce, I want friends, I want a romantic relationship, I can’t get over my miscarriage, I can’t handle the loss of my husband, mother, sister, father, friend, I don’t have any money, I hate my job, I can’t get my business profitable, I feel guilty being a working mother, I have never been able to get confident in my body, I have lost everything I have worked for my whole life, I look normal but my sickness is holding me back from living normally… Anything sound familiar to you?

Not coming from a therapist/coaching background, I’m never sure what to do with this information. The thing I know for sure is I’m happy to be bringing people together for these conversations. It feels really good to have a platform for connections, to see ourselves in each other’s stories.

It feels to me that we experience life by ourselves, that our particular challenge is unique, that we hold it all inside because there’s no outlet. On the other hand, was I the last person to get a therapist?

I am so impressed to see how people handle adversity, how they bounce back, learn and inspire others from their experiences. It is not all doom and gloom. The rising from the ashes stories are the most inspiring to me. It gives me hope and that’s the first step to moving forward.

I’m not sure what my point is in writing this letter. I just wanted a place to talk about my observations. It makes me feel better that we are all in this together, can learn so much from each other if we would just open up, take off that layer of what we think our identity is and OWN IT!


There is still time to join our OWN IT tele-course starting Sept. 23rd.


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From Darkness to Light – guest post by Diane Najm, founder of PhotoPad

PhotoPad, founded by Diane Najm, is one of our sensational Urban Campfire sponsors. Diane opens her heart here and shares a story of radical change – we love the way she nurtures our community, offers her expertise to help wherever she can, and inspires everyone she meets!


There’s a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” – Leonard Cohen


As I reflect on my life, I can see that radical change starts in the most unlikely of places. It was through terrible darkness that I found my light. When I was in college, my brother died under unexpected and horrific circumstances, turning my happy Greek-American family into darkness.  I was fortunate to have the community’s support and many mentors  that led me in the direction of working with abused children. It was this work that helped me heal and as a result, empowered me  to radically shift my life and become an entrepreneur.  As an entrepreneur, you inevitably fail and in the darkest moment you navigate the maze to where the light shines and leads you to the mentor that will take you out of the darkness! As Danielle LaPorte says:

“darkness always finds the light” 

Moving forward isn’t about getting out of the darkness – it’s about getting into the light. Radical change is about building the light you need.  I am grateful to the mentors in my life that helped me to be the leader, entrepreneur, and community builder so I can pave the way for other women to shine too! Urban Campfire is the light and place where stories will be shared and lessons learned. I look forward to meeting the women at Urban Campfire and help them share their photo story with PhotoPad and build their community.