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I’m always experimenting with ideas to bring connection to people. It seems to be my gift and mission to bring people together.

But there’s times, fairly often actually, when I feel alone trying to figure out my own business/life strategy. Your inner circle of friends isn’t necessarily your best brainstorming team, and/or you shouldn’t be constantly pressuring them for advice. Who’s out there to run ideas by, to connect with to make things happen?

That’s why I created CO-STORMING™

Co-storm 2A co-storm is a think-tank style session where two or three people brainstorm for each other. The concept behind it is how much we’re able to see for each other that we don’t see for ourselves. There’s a creative back and forth energy in getting outside your own head. Fresh eyes see our blind spots and filters. They also mirror back to us what’s really going on. A co-stormer’s insight can clarify what steps to take next, highlight your strengths, and make you pay attention to what should happen naturally. It can solve a problem in your field with an outsider’s perspective.

Co-storm Image 1Bring your idea or project, a journal, sticky pads, colored pens and be prepared to have your world rocked and to rock your fellow participants. You will get new perspectives and confidence to move forward with your project…or, you might ditch your plans and go in a totally different direction! No matter the outcome, I guarantee you will be walking out the door already taking steps in the right direction.

I truly believe we’ve got some energy going you’re not going to find anywhere else…take this opportunity to hitch a ride on that energy!


“The Ultimate Co-Storming Mashup will be part business coaching, part therapy, part masterminding, part mentoring and part connecting on a deeper level. It’s also the best $97 bucks you will ever spend!”

XOXO Melody

– Melody Biringer, CRAVE founder



To join us at the next CO-STORM™

Register and fill out the short application form with the ideas/projects you would like to put into the storm. Also what skills/talents you can bring to the storm. We are looking for a variety of skills and projects to make our mash-up the best it can be. Space is limited.

Interested in personal one-on-one STORM with Melody? Connect with me at and let’s talk!

We can bring a CO-STORM to your business/company. Check out info here. You can also join the CO-STORM Club at any time and participate in our monthly meet ups/events. More info about the Club here.

Our inaugural CO-STORM ™ took place in Seattle this last December, and we’re so pleased with how it went!

COSTORM_4 Once I made the decision to turn it into an event, things started to move very quickly. A group of incredible mentors were assembled. Applications started rolling in. I had no idea what would happen, but for some reason I had a really good feeling about what was about to go down. I trusted, and sure enough synchronicity did its work.

I’m so glad I took this chance, and I can’t wait to hold more.
During the last hour of the STORM participants and mentors shared their thoughts about their experience. We received some pretty incredible feedback. Participants said that the storm gave them:

Clarity around their purpose and the goals they should be implementing around that purpose.
Actionable advice they could use in the development of their ‘side hustle.’
— An opportunity to set some very clear and specific personal and lifestyle goals.

We also spoke about return on heartbeat, accountability, deadline strategies, how to find support in your community, and how to monetize your business model.



One of my favorite CRAVE’s in life is to build deeper personal connections with people. Conversation over coffee, then a long walk works well for me. Earlier this year a friend and I decided to commit a whole day to catch each other up on our current business projects. READ MORE.

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9am-3pm Saturday, May 21st

Event fee $97


Register and fill out the short application form with the ideas/projects you would like to put into the storm. Also what skills/talents you can bring to the storm. We are looking for a variety of skills and projects to make our mash-up the best it can be. Space is limited.


What to put into the storm: (what’s keeping you up at night?)

  • new business idea to flesh out
  • stuck on any aspect of writing your book
  • how to talk to your partners about a new direction you want to go
  • brainstorm marketing ideas to get more attention on your business
  • fleshing out curriculum for a new program
  • blog & social media strategy
  • how to and places to go to meet like-minded people to strike up friendships & relationships (biz or personal)
  • how to pivot (flip) an existing idea that is not working
  • thinking broader on growing your business financially
  • business model ideas
  • how do i change careers
  • how do i know what my next move is
  • ideas to be comfortable with the unknown
  • how to get your vision clear
  • i have been helping others all my life, it’s time for me now, what should i do?
  • how can i be more creative at work, when i’m not the one calling the shots?
  • i look good on the outside but i struggle with my health, how can i balance work, life & health?
  • how can i achieve impact and make a difference in this world?
  • how can i refine and tell my story?
  • fleshing out a side hustle/passion project.
  • how are you unique – what sets you apart?
  • how do i gamify my business?
  • have an idea but can’t figure out how to jumpstart it.
  • have a product but don’t know how to scale it.
  • have you hit a serious plateau?
  • keep the job or start a business?
  • feeling alone in your endeavour.
  • don’t know where to look for more clients?


co-storm4What’s people are saying…

“Co-storming was magical. When I arrived, I was really stuck inside my own head. Having someone else’s eyes on my project and hearing about their experiences helped me to see what I could not. It pushed me to get through the hard part and launch a major project.” ~ Erin Anacker, People Enthusiast Founder of Betwixt

“A full day put aside to create, challenge my ideas, kick me in the pants when needed and then turn around and help another do the same thing for their business was so rewarding. It was the final push I needed to launch my new brand and gain insight on how I can build my business to the next level.” ~ Melissa K Harris, Brand Architect

“Co-storming was a reflective experience. It was like having someone verbalize the things in your brain that you may not have been able to articulate prior. For me 2 major changes happened. First, I could see where I was missing the big picture. I was totally focused on my mistakes and missed the successes. Second, I was able to reinforce some of my ‘gut feelings’ about how to grow that I was talking myself out of.” ~ Andrea Scott, Founder of Skoah®

“Co-storming was one of the most effective and efficient way to get the ball rolling again in my business that I have ever experienced. The best part was having myself and another experienced business professional focus together on my issues and it was that extra attention and push that created the momentum that I could then run with.” ~ Kim Heath CA, CPA, JD

“Co-storming is euphoric from the moment you sit down to the moment you walk away. Having the creativity, expertise, and perspective of another person in the trenches with me and intensely focused on my business of serving working Moms left me with two gifts: Clarity around how to simplify my offerings and new opportunities around partnering with like-minded change makers. I left feeling confident, enthusiastic, and much calmer about bringing it all to life. ~ Sarah Gibbons, Founder and CEO of Conscious Working Mama

“I showed up at my #CoStorming date with a massive list of possibilities. And that’s all it was: a list. I left my #CoStorming date with a very specific “next best step”, plus a short-term plan and a TON of clarity that is simply not possible to find when you are always working away by yourself. #CoStorming rocks!” ~ Shirley Weir, Founder of



Welcome and rundown of the day
(instructions -suggestions – introduce mentors)
1st co-storming session – at coffee bar or venue
2nd co-storming session
Wrap up with mentors


Q: What is a co-storm?
A: A co-storm is a think-tank style session where two or three people brainstorm for each other. The beauty of co-storming is using the concept that we see more for each other than we do for ourselves. Getting a fresh perspective from a stranger could reveal and open your eyes to a new way to look at your project.

Q: How a co-storm works?
A: Start with an introduction and a download of the project/idea you want to put into the storm. Divide the remainder of the time between your projects, and storm some options and next steps and timeline to move forward. Each participant will follow up on the date of completion to create accountability.

Q: When you press apply what happens and what are we looking for?
A: We want to know the project or pain point you have that you would like to brainstorm. So we can best match you, we ask what your magic powers are, what skills do you have naturally. Also what kind of mentorship would best serve you.With all that in mind we go to work to see if you fit into the co-storm and how we can hook you up.

Q: What happens during the co-storming session?
A: We start the session out with everyone in the same room and will go over the instructions of the day. Plus you will meet our amazing mentors. Then we will pair you off in groups of three (handpicked for you). Your group of three will go off for a two hour co-storm session. When you return we will hook you up with another group of three and you will go off again for round two of co-storming. During your two sessions we will insert our mentors for additional conversation and insights. After you are done with round two, we will all gather together and recap the day with our mentors. When you walk out you will have run your idea/project/pain point past 4-6 people and will be ready to power on:)

Our mentors on demand!

Expert Entrepreness talent from my golden rolodex will be stopping by your “storm” – pick their brain for feedback!

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