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Affordable. Trustworthy. Personable.

Bookkeeper Girl is America’s bookkeeper providing online, trustworthy bookkeeping services. Initially launched in Denton, Texas, they quickly grew into remote offices in Dallas and then Austin, and now provide services for national customers alike. Bookkeeper Girl has been nationally recognized by Tory Johnson in her book Spark & Hustle, and is the ultimate solution for small-business owners who need bookkeeping and payroll services.

Q&A with Kim Pollard

Who is your role model or mentor?
Tory Johnson knows how to take adversity and turn it into success. Steve Jobs was such an innovator, and he inspires me to look for new ways to implement technology.

What is your motto or theme song?
“Gotta have faith!” I believe that my faith—in my company, employees, customers, family and God—leads to my success. I don’t have time to doubt!

What do you like best about owning a business?
At the end of the day, I like knowing that we’ve helped make other people’s lives better, either through inspiration, volunteerism or a service they need that helps them grow.


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