Gather ’round. Share stories. Explore perspectives. Set your life on fire.

Hello. I’m Melody Biringer, the creator of Urban Campfire.

Last August we had the first Urban Campfire, and it was an amazing experience. Our speakers opened up and poured out their hearts. 500 women also caught fire and shared their campfire stories with courage and vulnerability.

It changed my life. For me it was a dream come to life.

Our next Urban Campfire is soon here this Aug. 21. and we have some exciting additions.

This year, one ticket gets you into 3 events, starting with our pre-funk party sponsored by Urbanspoon, on the eve of the event Their private deck overlooks lake union and downtown Seattle. This is an amazing space for us to meet and greet, and we’ll make s’mores together.

We loved last year’s venue in the airplane hanger so much we are going back. On August 21st we’ll be kicking off at 10:30am. We’ll have an action packed day of incredible story telling by our speakers and YOU.

We’ll be sharing lunch together and end the day with a happy hour in the hangar.

It doesn’t stop there. At 8pm we’re heading downtown to a spectacular terrace surrounded by city lights. We’ll celebrate our time together by busting a move at the Urban Campfire dance party to finish off in style.

For this years campfire I’ve picked the theme “Own your style”
we’ll take a journey from our past to the future.
What in our lives has influenced us the most? Who and what has made us who we are?

And secondly, what do we care about most? what are our dreams? We’ll remember and reclaim these things we already crave.
I want everyone to own their own style, to be empowered and give their gifts to the world.

My goal for Urban Campfire is to gather round and share stores…there’ll be tears, laughter, and actual marshmallows.

Check out our lineup of rockstar speakers at the UC website.

Magic will happen…hope to see you there!


Enter the code: GIRLFRIENDS to receive 25% off two or more tickets at checkout.

A Summary of The Event’s Schedule

August 20th – 6:30pm | Urban Campfire Pre-Funk: The Night Before

August 21st – 11:00am-5:00pm | Urban Campfire: The Main Event

8:00pm | Urban Campfire: Rooftop Dance Party

Curious about what comes inside the kit? Take a peek at last year’s here.

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